Allen Sports Urban X Folding Bike Review

Allen Sports Urban X Folding Bike

Our Rating

6 Build Quality

6 Design

7 Riding Experience

4 Mobility

8 Value for Money

An excellent value folding bike which performs well in most areas but let down mainly by its large folded size.

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Designed in Massachusetts, USA, the Allen Sports Urban X Folding Bike is a fantastic mid-range and lightweight folding bicycle which offers great riding stability thanks to its larger 451mm wheel size and stiff frame.

It’s one of the lightest bikes we’ve ever reviewed but unfortunately, remains rather bulky when folded which could be a deal-breaker for many.

The Urban X hosts many unique design features including it’s patented press-link folding system which allows users to effortlessly unfold and set up the bike and it’s wheel lock which keeps the bike together when folded.

Let down by component quality in areas but perfect for the casual rider. Read our full review below to see how it compares in our tests.

RRP: $799.00 – view sale price

▼ Read our full review below ▼

Our Allen Sports Urban X Review

For the purposes of this review, we purchased the Allen Sports Urban X folding bike from

The Allen Sports Urban X is currently ranked #9 in our Top 10 Best Folding Bikes.

The Urban X comes fully assembled and packaged in a branded Allen Sports USA box. There is little in the way of protection added to the bike other than some additional cardboard added to the bike saddle and some protection to the frame.



After removing the protective materials from the frame and saddle, the initial setup was relatively painless. We needed to make some initial minor adjustments to the brakes but that was it. The bike comes fully assembled so no need to attach pedals or other components.

The weight of the Allen Sports Urban X folding bike is 26 lbs (11.8 kg) which makes it the third lightest bike we’ve ever reviewed. Less impressive is the folded size of the bike which comes in at 59.3 cm³ (33.5″ x 27.5″ x 13.5″ (85 × 70 x 35 cm)), this is quite big, the largest folded size of any bike we’ve reviewed.

You can compare weights and total folding size of all the folding bikes we’ve reviewed and sort them accordingly over on our Best Folding Bikes Table page.

8 seconds is the quoted unfolding time given by Allen Sports which we think is a little unrealistic. For the average user it will take 10-15 seconds. The UrbanX is probably one of the easiest bikes we’ve ever folded thanks to its patented press-link folding system which means that little force is required to lock the frame fully in place.

One small issue we did note about the UrbanX is that when folded it does not stand upright on its own wheels, which means that it has to be stored against a wall. The fold-down handlebar is the culprit as it adds additional weight to one side of the bike causing it to tip over.

The Allen UrbanX comes with a 6061 aluminium frame and fork which delivers great strength and stiffness whilst allowing the frame to be as lightweight as possible. Bike frames made of 6061 aluminium alloy are renowned for being rugged and lightweight which explains why 6061 alloy is the industry standard for bike frame manufacture.

Paint-finish Closeup

Paint-finish Closeup

Two frame colours are available for the Urban X, sky blue and orange, these will appeal to some but definitely not all people. The paint finish on the frame is surprisingly high for a relatively inexpensive bike. The paint finish on the frame is also surprisingly high.

The overall build quality for the UrbanX is very high, especially the frame which appears to be very sturdy.

Another thing we didn’t like about the Urban X is the none-djustable handlebars which means that your riding position is fixed. If you’re between the heights of 170cm and 183cm (5′ 7″ – 6′ 0″) then you’ll likely not care too much about this but outside of this range you’ll probably find it a little uncomfortable to use on longer journeys. I’m personally in favour of adjustable handlebars as sometimes I would opt for a more aggressive riding position depending on my situation.

The Urban X Tires

The tires of on the Urban X folding bike appear to be of good (but not great) quality and measure 20″ x 1-3/8.



The Allen Sports Urban X has 7 gears with a good gear range which should be more than enough for the casual rider. The Shimano derailleur on the Urban X is a low-end model and will not offer the smoothest of gear changes compared to a higher end model. This would be a major issue if the bike were more expensive but for a bike at this price-point we cannot fault it.

Calliper brakes are present on the Urban X but require fine tuning on initial setup.

Folding Pedals

Folding Pedals

UPDATE: A big let down on the Allen Urban X folding bike is the included folding pedals. After a week of light use one of the pedals broke. We contacted Allen who offered us a replacement under warranty but even still we feel like it shouldn’t have broken under such light use. If you’re looking to by the Urban X I would highly recommend upgrading the pedals.

Additional Features

  • Front and Rear Reflectors
  • Kickstand

Folding down the Urban X takes roughly the same amount of times as unfolding (around 10-15 seconds). A great feature of the Urban X folding bike which we’re starting to see more often on other folding bikes is a locking mechanism which keeps the bike in the folded down state when in transport. The Allen Sports Urban X has a patented wheel lock system which appears to do the job very well.

There is a 1-year warranty on the forks and other bike components (excluding brakes, tires and anything else which wears). The bike frame has a lifetime warranty.

All in all the Allen Sports Urban X looks to be a fantastic mid-range folding bike which will appeal to the mass market. One of the biggest flaws about the bike is the folded size which is quite big.

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▼ Test Ride Results and Full Bike Specifications below ▼


Dahon Vybe C7A

lightweight, adjustable handlebars, 7 gears, great build quality, mid-range

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The RRP for the Allen Sports Urban X is $799.00. We struggled to find it cheaper online. 🙂

Save $187.76 here on (Discounted Price: $611.24)

UK Price: ~ £449.99 (Check Prices Here on

Price Last Checked: 15th January, 2018: $611.24 (23% saving)

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The Allen Sports Urban X Test Ride

Allen Sports Urban X Folding Bike Blue - Unfolded Stand

We decided to take the Allen Sports Urban X folding bike out for a spin on a sunny day around our usual test route. After some initial gear and brake tweaking we took to the road for 25 minutes. A breakdown of our experience:


The saddle on the Urban X looks like it will be a lot more comfy than what it actually is which was a shame. We got used to it after 5 minutes but you’d definitely get a lot more enjoyment from riding this bike with a better seat.

Riding Position

The UrbanX has a neutral riding position which is great for casual riding/commuting but when you’re trying to pick up some speed it does feel a bit unnatural and you yearn for a more aggressive position which could normally be obtained from lowing the handlebars and upping the height of the seat a notch, unfortunately, the Urban X doesn’t have an adjustable handlebar post.

Frame Stiffness

The frame of the AS Urban X feels stiff and very secure, more so than some other more premium bikes we’ve tested in the past. Allen Sports back all of their frames with a lifetime warranty which gives you further confidence when out riding. The main locking mechanism in the middle of the bike is easy to secure (perhaps the easiest of all folding bikes we’ve tested) and locks into place with reassurance.

Derailleur & Gear Shifting

Shifting through the gears on the Urban X was fine. We initially didn’t hold out much hope for the lower end Shimano derailleur but it held up well, even under high torque.

Gear Ratios

The UrbanX has 7 gears which are more than adequate for normal commuting or riding. The gear ratios themselves were good and allowed speed to be picked up with ease. Going up moderate hills didn’t prove to be a problem either though on steep hills I would imagine most people would have to get off and push (it’s hard enough as it is going up steep hills on a foldable bike as it is, let alone using one with only 7 gears!).


The ergonomic grips on the Urban X was a good idea but we found that they weren’t that comfy in comparison to the Ergon GP1 Grips I use on my other folding bikes, they also didn’t seem to do a great job on minimising road vibrations. Ergon GP1 Grips are a recommended upgrade.


The calliper V-Brakes worked well out of the box and offered good stopping power. A little bit spongy with high braking force but definitely more than adequate.


We couldn’t test the tires in the wet but they performed will in the dry and provided good grip. We found that they did let a little more vibration through than what we’ve experienced with other bikes but are certain that with a seat/grip upgrade, most of this can be eliminated.


Noticeable amounts of vibration came through the seat and handlebars but not huge amounts, we’ve certainly felt a LOT more on other folding bikes. As advised above, I’d recommend a seat and grip upgrade for optimal riding experience.


Cornering on the Urban X was easy. Going into corners at speed felt fine.


The folding pedals felt a little cheap but did the job, I’m not sure how long they would last especially with daily use.

Recommended Upgrades

With a couple of low-cost upgrades you can convert the Urban X into a great folding bicycle and enjoy a much nicer riding experience. My personal essential upgrades:


In conclusion, the Allen Sports Urban X is a good quality, lightweight, sturdy and stylish folding bike which would suit most people. With some inexpensive upgrades you can turn the Urban X from an OK bike into a great bike.

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  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy Frame
  • Quick and Easy Folding
  • Great Value

  • Not self-standing
  • Handlebar post is not adjustable
  • Poor quality pedals
  • Slippery seat-post
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Fenders & Rear rack not included

I’d recommend the Allen Sports Urban X to the casual rider or commuter who is cycling straight to work and doesn’t need to have anything too small. Great value for people happy to put up with the obvious negatives. All in all, highly recommended for the price. – Paul Thomson

Video Review

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Basic Specs

  • Weight: 26 lbs (11.8 kg)
  • Folded size: 33.5″ x 27.5″ x 13.5″ (85 × 70 x 35 cm)
  • Speeds: 7
  • Brakes: WinZip V-brakes
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminium
  • Wheel Size: 17.8 inch (45.1 cm)
  • Suggested Rider Height: 4’9″ – 6’6″ (145 – 198 cm)
  • Max. Rider Weight: 242 lbs (110 kg)

▼ Full Specifications and FAQ Below ▼

Common Questions / FAQ

  • Country of Manufacture: China
  • Bike rack included: NO
  • Front and Back Fenders Included: NO
  • Does it have a kickstand: YES
  • Handle Bar Adjustment: NO
  • Do the Pedals Fold: YES
  • Got a Question? Ask me here (I aim to respond within 15-20 minutes)

Detailed Bike Specifications

Allen Sports Folding Bike Comparison

Allen Sports Folding Bike Comparison

Color: Sky Blue or Orange
Rear Derailleur: Shimano RD-TZ40 (7 speed)
Handlepost: Alloy 1-Piece
Forks: 6061 Aluminium
Gear Shifters: Tourney Revo Shifters
Brake Levers: Alhonga
Crankset: Samox
Seatpost: High tensile steel
Wheel Rims: GLEDE Alloy
Tires: 20″ x 1-3/8
Pedals: folding
Kickstand: Yes

Buy Now / More Info

More info on the Allen Sports Urban X Folding Bike can be found on the Amazon pages below, along with past customer reviews of the product and a tonne of questions and answers from the community.

The RRP for the Allen Sports Urban X Folding Bike is $799.00.

Save $187.76 here on (Discounted Price: $611.24)

UK Price: ~ £449.99 (Check Prices Here on

Price Last Checked: 15th January, 2018: $611.24 (23% saving)
Past recorded prices (from
 8th Jan 2018 : $759.99
 1st Jan 2018 : $741.43
 25th Dec 2017 : $649.99
 *** 18th Dec 2017 : $610.00 *** BEST PRICE
 11th Dec 2017 : $695.00
 4th Dec 2017 : $695.00

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  • Richy Rich says:

    Cheers for the review Paul. It’s currently on amazon for $267.00 which I think is pretty good value. I’d only be using it on occasion when on holiday with the missus caravanning so don’t need it to be super spec.

    We’re both a little on the larger size, upwards of 100KG each. Do you think the frame would support us both?

    I also noticed that the front and back fenders are not included. Where might one pick these up from as I’m struggling to find them online.

    Thanks for any help you can offer,

    Richy Rich 🙂

    • Hello Richy Rich!

      Thanks for your comment. In answer to your question, yes the bike will support people up to 110kg according to the manufacturer.

      Front and back fenders are not included but you will be able to purchase ones which fit from

      I hope this is of some help,


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