Pot-hole Painter, ‘Wanksey’, Gets Potholes Fixed using Penis Graffiti

Wanksey Pothole Painter

Tired of waiting for your local state or council to mend your cities potholes or perhaps as a cyclist your just worried more about your bike or even your personal safety? We’ll, you could always follow in the steps of UK activist ‘Wanksey‘ and graffiti penises and other ‘exotic’ imagery around the pot-holes to raise some attention and get the councils out to fix the potholes quicker…

What’s needed?

  • A can of spray-paint (white is recommended!)
  • Some balls

Does it work? Sort answer, YES! It’s VERY effective…

Why? Well, the councils don’t like having spray painted penises all over their city, neither do they seem to love naked woman laying down with their legs spread. But I’m going to go so far as to guess that it’s not the fact that they don’t like it (I’m sure a few of them find it quite funny), it’s just that much of the public won’t like it, and when they see it, they report it to the council. Not a big deal if one person does it, but when you get an influx of hundreds, if not thousands of calls, emails, letters and personal visits, then it becomes a problem and a lot more work.

The solution… get a team out to fix the pothole and at the same time cover over the graffiti. Easy.

Job done! Now everyone is happy. Even the council as they are seen to be taking steps to maintain their roads.

So should you instantly go out and buy some spray-paint and keep it with you in your panniers/rucksack?! Well, YES, just make sure you pick up a couple of latex gloves to help stop getting paint on your fingers.

It takes a matter of minutes to draw a cock or naked lady. If you don’t think you have any artistic talent then please watch the following video and do some practice…

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So get out there, get some paint, be a kid again and do some graffiti knowing that its in the best interest for cyclists, road users and members of the public.

Your simple 30-second act can save lives, save expensive car and bike repairs, make a better city and make people smile along the way!

I would love to hear what you’ve got to say about this… leave your thoughts and comments below!!

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