Sueh Q1 Folding Bike Review

Sueh Q1 2016 Folding Bike Purple Side View Unfolded

Our Rating

5 Build Quality

4 Design

5 Riding Experience

4 Mobility

7 Value for Money

A very cheap folding bike that reflects the quality of the components used. Good only for casual riders.

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The Sueh Q1 folding bicycle is a great option for people on a budget. Whilst it may not be the lightest or most feature packed bike currently available, it does have a number of great features namely a strong frame, adjustable handlebars and a Shimano 7 gear derailleur. Perfect for the casual rider but not an ideal commuter bike.

If you’ve not heard of Sueh before it’s because they are relatively new to the folding bike market.

RRP: $349.99 – view sale price

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Our Sueh Q1 Review

The Sueh Q1 is currently ranked #10 in our Top 10 Best Folding Bikes.

We ordered the Sueh Q1 off amazon for the purpose of this review. The bike arrived undamaged packaged in a relatively thin cardboard box and there was little protection of the bike frame and components; just a thin layer of bubble wrap protecting the bicycle components. This didn’t give off a great first impression.

Handlebars and Stem on the Q1

Handlebars and Stem on the Q1

Some assembly is required when the bike first setup, namely inserting the proprietary welded handlebar and handlebar stem and screwing in the none-folding pedals. The first issue I noticed was the fact that the handlebar was welded to the handlebar stem to which was later fed into the lower part of the handlebar stem which has a quick release catch to make the handlebar height adjustable. The problem with a welded handlebar means that you cannot replace the handlebar with an aftermarket bar. It also means that should you either damage the handlebar or attached welded stem in some way then the whole component has to be replaced.

In spite of the above-mentioned flaws, the adjustable handlebars are a great feature of the Q1, we’re happy to see that the designers chose this design as many other folding bike manufacturers opt for fixed handlebar designs

Handlebar, Seat and Shifter Closeup

Handlebar, Seat and Shifter Closeup

The welded handlebar post also has a ridge along one edge which is to stop the handlebars twisting when riding, a good-ish idea but it also means that you are not able to attached aftermarket handlebars or handlebar stems to further customise the bike. It’s probably not an issue for most users but it would be for some and is worth noting.

The build quality and materials used on the Sueh Q1 are not the highest but more than adequate for the casual rider. The bike costs around $250 so we wouldn’t really expect components or overall quality to be any higher.

The frame of the Sueh Q1 is made of steel and it’s fairly strong but also rather weighty coming in at 30.5 lbs (13.85 kg). In fact, it’s the 2nd heaviest bike we’ve ever reviewed, second only to the Schwinn Loop-20 which we looked at a few weeks ago. There is nothing overly special about the frame on the Q1, it folds in the middle, the welds look strong and it feels firm whilst out riding. The only negative is the weight.

You can compare weights and total folding size of all the folding bikes we’ve reviewed and sort them accordingly over on our Best Folding Bikes Table page.

Dérailleur and Pedal Closeup

Dérailleur and Pedal Closeup

When reviewing the bike on amazon we saw that the pedals were foldable, upon delivery we noticed that the pedals are in fact non-folding. A big disappointment. We’re not sure whether this is a one-off or whether they do in fact normally ship with folding pedals because we did experience some problems when screwing the pedals into the crank arm and they didn’t seem to be designed for the bike. There is one other review on the internet I can find complaining of this error but the rest of the reviews seem to state that they all received the bike with folding pedals so it appears to happen from time to time.

Rear Tyre Closeup

Rear Tyre Closeup

The Zhao Yang 20″ tires seem to only have tread marks on the top surface of the tire and lack any around the sides which makes me dubious as to how it would handle in the wet around corners.

Folding Mechanism

Folding Mechanism

Folding the bike was relatively simple as it follows the traditional folding design, one hinge for the frame and one hinge for the handlebars. The locking mechanisms on the bike are quite hard to close and are not of the same quality as more expensive folding bikes but do close reassuringly and the main frame latch has a secondary latch to keep them closed whilst riding which is a good feature. It takes about 30 seconds to fold up the bike.

A comfortable seat and relaxed/neutral riding position makes for enjoyable long journeys.

After initial setup the brakes worked fine and appeared to be very strong.

The paint finish of the bike is good, it also comes in a number of different colours.

Folded Size

Folded Size

The folding size of the Q1 is 53.94cm³ (32″ × 23″ × 13″ (82 × 58 x 33 cm)) but it feels a lot larger than this.

A number of things we didn’t like about the Sueh Q1…

No mudguards or fenders mean that mud and water can splash up onto your clothes when riding.

Another thing we didn’t like about the Sueh Q1 is the fact that you only have 6 months warranty instead of the usual 12 months warranty you get with other folding bike manufacturers (or even better, the Schwinn Loop 20 has a lifetime warranty).

Just as we advised with the Schwinn Loop, we wouldn’t recommend the Q1 for daily commuting due to its weight and folded size and would instead suggest that it be used by the casual rider or as an occasional use stow-away bike which can be left in the back of your car when not in use. It is however, perfect for taking away camping with the family.

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The Schwinn Loop 20

7-speed, adjustable handlebars, 20″ tires, under $300.

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The RRP for the Sueh Q1 is $349.99. We struggled to find it cheaper online. 🙂

Save $82.25 here on (Discounted Price: $267.74)

UK Price: ~ £199.99 (Check Prices Here on

Price Last Checked: 15th January, 2018: $267.74 (24% saving)

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The Sueh Q1 Test Ride

We decided to take the Q1 out for a short 20-minute test ride around our local town, it’s was a little wet on the roads but otherwise good weather…


After setting up the bike which took around 30 seconds we jumped on and off we went. The first thing we noticed was how comfortable the saddle was on the Q1, especially how it’s an own-branded saddle. Even after our 20 minute cycle around, our bums were still happy.

Riding Position

Thanks to the adjustable handlebars and seat post you can set the bike up to suit your riding position. However, the overall riding position is very neutral, there are definitely a number of other folding bikes on the market that offer a more aggressive riding positions.

Frame Stiffness

The frame of the Q1 is of medium stiffness which helps absorb much of the vibration whilst riding (but not all, see below). The bike feels solid when riding.

Derailleur & Gear Shifting

One massive disappointment we had whilst out riding was the fact that the gears were constantly slipping under medium-high torque, even after multiple adjustments. I guess this is the price you pay for buying a bike with poorer quality components.

Gear Ratios

I think Sueh were having a bit of an off day when they set up the gear ratios for this model. The highest gear is insanely easy and would not be suitable for even the steepest of hills which pretty much makes it redundant. The lowest gear is alright and you can pick up a decent amount of speed but we still feel it’s a little on the easy side and could be lowered even more.


The brakes are responsive and strong, a definite plus for the Q1.


Here’s where the Q1 fails to impress the most. The tires on the Q1 are of very low quality and as expected offer very little grip when taking corners in wet conditions. I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘safety hazard’ but it’s probably the most unstable bike I’ve ever ridden when it comes to cornering and makes you a little bit apprehensive when taking corners at mid-speed. This must be due to the lack of tread on the outside of the tires. I would consider myself a rather aggressive rider and likely pedal too fast everywhere I go so it might not be a problem for the average Joe.


The handlebar grips on the Q1 feel very low quality which makes you doubt the quality of the rest of the bike. They are a little skinny too but I guess they do the job.


The bike kicks off a good amount of vibration from the road even at lower speed. At higher speeds it gets even worse. This is one of the main things we don’t like about the Q1.


If you’re cycling slowly and/or cycling in the dry then the bike handles ok. In the wet or at speed there is a good amount of vibration and the bike seems to get more unstable.

Pedals in the Wet

The pedals are slippy when in the wet, even when wearing suitable shoes. More noticeable when going up hills but it’s frustrating none the less.

Highly Recommended Upgrades

With a couple of low-cost upgrades you can convert the Sueh Q1 into a great folding bicycle and enjoy a much nicer riding experience. My personal essential upgrades:


The Sueh Q1 is a cheap folding bike and it shows. You get what you pay for. It does represent good value for money and has many positive features which will appeal to some but for us there are simply too many problematic issues.

Disclaimer: As a product reviewer for Folding Bike 365, I am providing my unbiased opinion of any bikes or products featured on this site; reviewed bikes have either been purchased, borrowed or provided to us by bicycle manufacturers. I do not posses any type of relationship with the manufacturer’s company or parent companies. Companies that send in their goods to be reviewed do not compensate me any way.

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  • Very cheap
  • Adjustable handlebar post
  • Good availability of colours

  • Welded handlebar prevents aftermarket installation
  • No fenders
  • Gears slip under high torque
  • Short seat-post likely not suitable for taller riders (over 5’10”)
  • Poor gear ratios
  • Heavy
  • Small vibration when riding
  • Only 6 months manufacturers warranty
  • Component quality lacking in areas

I don’t think I could recommend this bike to anyone who’s interested in using a bike for commuting or regular use. If you’re on a budget and don’t mind the obvious flaws of this bike then I guess it’s not bad value for money. For an extra $100-$150 you can get yourself a much better folding bike. – Paul Thomson

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Basic Specs

  • Weight: 30.5 lbs (13.85 kg)
  • Folded size: 32″ × 23″ × 13″ (82 × 58 x 33 cm)
  • Speeds: 7
  • Brakes: V-Brakes Hui Hong disk system
  • Frame: Aluminum and Steel
  • Wheel Size: 20″
  • Suggested Rider Height: 4’7″ – 6’5″ (140 – 195 cm)
  • Max. Rider Weight: 242 lbs (110 kg)

** Full Specifications and FAQ Below **

Common Questions / FAQ

  • Country of Manufacture: China
  • Bike rack included: No
  • Front and Back Fenders Included: No
  • Handle Bar Adjustment: Yes
  • Do the Pedals Fold: No
  • Got a Question? Ask me here (I aim to respond within 15-20 minutes)

Detailed Bike Specifications

Colors Available: Black, White and Orange
Derailleur: Speed system SHIMANO TZ (7 speed).
Handlepost: Steel
Handlebar: Aluminium 54cm
Forks: Aluminium
Brake Levers: SUEH
Crankset: Steel
Seatpost: Steel
Rims: Steel, 28 holes
Hubs: Steel
Spokes: Stainless Steel
Tires: Zhao Yang 20″
Pedals: Plastic
Kickstand: Yes

Buy Now / More Info

More info on the Sueh Q1 Folding Bike can be found on the Amazon pages below, along with past customer reviews of the product and a tonne of questions and answers from the community.

The RRP for the Sueh Q1 Folding Bike is $349.99.

Save $82.25 here on (Discounted Price: $267.74)

UK Price: ~ £199.99 (Check Prices Here on

Price Last Checked: 15th January, 2018: $267.74 (24% saving)
Past recorded prices (from
 8th Jan 2018 : $329.99
 1st Jan 2018 : $322.58
 25th Dec 2017 : $279.99
 *** 18th Dec 2017 : $265.00 *** BEST PRICE
 11th Dec 2017 : $305.00
 4th Dec 2017 : $305.00

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